Learning Center

We equip children from 5 to 15 years old to 21st century skills that will prepare them to future opportunities. we are focus on STEM education with hand-on experimentation, sustainable development, Environment.


A place to learn 21 st Century Skills to succeed in the future


We deliver fun educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based on experimentation, discovery and implementation. they learn sustainable development skills and build solutions that can solve community problems.

Activities Sheets

Experimentation Workshops

Experimentation Workshops

Children explore a theme in the fields of STEM: video games learning, drone piloting, aquaponics, photography, 3D design, engineering competition, green energy. Our discovery workshops are a moment of awakening and experimentation.

Schools Activities

School Activities

We offer programs for schools, students and teachers. Every Wednesday we organize science, technology or engineering workshops in hosts school for elementary and high school students. We also offer workshops for teachers in education technology.



We offer 5 classroom of specialization in STEM , Suitable development and Environment. we work with companies and organizations who provide international content 


Our Fellowship programs for students connect and support the next generation of youth leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by providing access and opportunities to advance their skills and pursue their dreams.

Solar Energy

Our Courses

Monday to Saturday, during 2:00, come to discover what one can do on a year. You can register for annual subscription

solar energy

Solar Energy

Introduce Solar Energy skills and Real world application for children. The course  align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which include health, well-being, and affordable and clean energy


Coding with electronic kit

Every kid deserves the opportunity to explore what technology can offer. They will learn how to code with a Let’s Start Coding Kit



From science lessons on plant growth, the lifecycle of fish, or how the nitrogen cycle works to make an aquaponic system thrive to engineering and math lessons.


Smart Cities, Smart Villages

We teach Smart cities, Smart Villages and Energy concepts. At the end of the class , they will be able to build models of smart cities and smart villages.

Why LIKALO Learning Center

International Contents

We deliver international STEM curriculum from US academy

2 world Languages

We are bilingual and provide courses both in English and in French

Smart Classes

Kids are able to learn independently, through practical workshops and simulations on physical equipments

Flexible schedule

We have both specific and open offers, depending on your preferences for your child

Qualified instructors

Our instructors have academic, technical and pedagogical qualifications to teach STEM to kids

Affordable costs

Our resources and the support we receive allow us to offer best training at low price

Partners and Supports

LIKALO learning Center is looking for partners and trainers.
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